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A Salon For Men & Women



Tucked away just three blocks behind City Hall, Shear Madness was born in 2003 with one simple mission - recreate the salon experience by providing top notch beauty services for men and women; without the pretence of other fine salons, in a warm and inviting atmosphere, atypical from the rest. Staffed with top notch artists/stylists from many backgrounds, using the finest quality products available, in a comfortable Asian inspired setting, the Shear Madness team can help find and interpret the vision of even the most discerning client. Once you are here, you're not just a client but a member of the Shear Madness family.Whether you're looking for a dramatic change or just maintaining your current style, from avant garde to traditional, you owe it to you yourself to call us today and FEEL THE MADNESS!

SHEAR * shear * [shîr]
1. A pair of scissors. Often used in the plural.
2. Any of various implements or machines that cut with a scissor like action. verb tr.
1. To remove (hair) by cutting or clipping verb intr.
1. To use cutting tool such as shears.

MADNESS * mad.ness * [mad.niss]
1. The state of being mad
2. Intense excitement, enthusiasm or passion.

SHEAR MADNESS * shear mad.ness * [shîr mad.niss]
1. Where passion and excitement combine with shears and various implements to achieve beautiful hair.
2. Where beauty and passion intersect.
3. Where skilled artists achieve great beauty through creativity using great products.
4. A place for really great head.
5. A Salon for Men & Women




Men' s Photo Gallery

Women's  Photo Gallery


Let's give credit, where credit is due. Without the following people, there would be no Shear Madness, website or otherwise:

  • To all our Clients for the continued support and patronage at Shear Madness Salon. Especially those who were gracious enough to allow us to use their pictures in our gallery and those who gave feedback and shared ideas during the creation of this site.

  • To our industry representatives who have been there to guide and support us from before our doors opened and continue to support us with education as well as provide us with the most advanced professional products in the industry. Your support and belief have helped us grow and endure.

  • To our friend Bob. Without his support and encouragement, there would be no Shear Madness.

  • To all the artists and stylists who have been part of the Shear Madness team over the years. Your success is our success and we wish you continued growth whether you are under our roof or have journeyed on to new adventures. We shall always value your professionalism and friendship.

  • To our nephew Paul Aldrin in the Philippines who help us and continue helping us for the promotions and advertisements in our Facebook page. Who also created the websites "Services" page.

  • To Rolando (Rolly) Jasmin, whose incredible patience, artistry, ideas, suggestions and technological skills have brought this site to life.
    Email:  here
To each and every person that has touched our lives professionally and personally we sincerely Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

To those who have yet to Feel The Madness: Welcome! You may enter a stranger but will leave as part of the Shear Madness family.


Shear Madness
80 Park Avenue
Hoboken, NJ 07030


  • Tuesday - Thursday10-9
  • Friday10-8
  • Saturday10-6
  • Sunday - MondayClosed

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  • Tuesday - Thursday 10-9
  • Friday10-8
  • Saturday10-6
  • Sunday - MondayClosed

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